Update: Howling Moon 2

So a long over due update on the second Howling Moon novel. I wish this was a here it is, type post where I was announcing an actual release date or a cover or something positive with the book. No one wishes it was out or ready to come out more than me.

I’ve gotten the question quite a bit at events where I have sold the book at in the past. Where is book 2? And I hate the idea of making an excuse post but here it is. I had wanted book two to come out late last year or even early this year. But I can say, The Pack (the current working title of book 2) won’t even see light this year.

Life. Life sort of kicked my plans to the curb. I still have a day job, as much as I might wish being a writer and creative was my main financial resource it’s not. I ended up switching jobs late summer of last year and it put a strain on me getting the book moving forward. Add on top of that, we’ve bought a house. So moving, something I never want to do again has taken up the better part of my time this year.

Current standings…book 2 is still waiting to be edited. I’ve even thought about starting a kickstarter to try an cover this part of the process. But I’m often unsure on how that would go over. I’m still hoping to publish with BHC Press who has been nothing but patient and supportive along the way. And I’m hoping at least by mid summer I can post some sort of positive news about book 2.

Again I want to thank everyone for their support over the past couple years. It means a lot.


no one is going to do it for you…

It’s funny how you can set goals for yourself. Goals you’d like to achieve in a certain amount of time. I have a habit of going into every year and making a list of goals I want to complete in that year. The list is always so long that there is no way I can do it all. More often than not I only knock a handful of them off. I’ve been thinking about it, over the past ten years if I’d just completed a fraction of that list there is no telling where I would be right now as a writer, artist, or crafter.

And most often its my own fault, I get in my own way and sometimes I will try and find any excuse not to sit down and work on a project. this year so far hasn’t been much different. Though I can say i’ve been doing my best to work on a few things every week just to make some sort of progress.

I saw a meme the other day, one of which I wish I had saved. Basically saying, “no one is going to do it for you”. Chase your dreams and don’t get in your own way. One step at a time and all of that.

Going into 2019

I’m going into 2019 with new eyes so to say. Trying to have a newer outlook on life. A more upbeat and positive outlook as in the past I can let things linger and needle at me and it could cause me to be very depressing an outlook on things. 2018 saw me changing jobs unexpectedly and things don’t always go quite the way I’d hoped or planned.

I have a lot to be thankful for. My beautiful wife, Samantha. My family. Some new friends who are pushing me in a direction I really want to go. And I’m hoping to be a better person in 2019. A more productive artist and writer without excuses.

And yes, once again, hope to be a better blogger. Starting with just trying to blog once a month and hope it becomes a habit. Just like writing, if I can get into the habit of it. I can hit all my goals for the new year and beyond.

For those hoping for an update on Howling Moon 2…it is done and ready for editing and to move forward with that. Sorry it’s taken so long. With the changing of my job, it has thrown me months behind where I want to be and even now I don’t have a timeline. Even by a best guess I’m thinking it’ll not be released until early 2020. I have other stuff that is in the works too that may see before then. But it’s all sort of up in the air depending on my real life job and just me being a better more productive writer.

There is a lot in the works for 2019, I obviously won’t go into great detail because that would probably set me up to fail. I did 26 events in 2018, I hope to do more this year. Most of which were smaller local craft fair events and I’m attempting to get into some bigger stuff as I type this. I will be better at blogging about these events as they happen this year, if nothing else to keep a more up to date calendar.

I do want to say thank you to everyone who has been so supportive.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

Little late of course. I’m always a little behind.

I want to thank everyone for their support the past year. All the events. Reviews. Everything. My lovely wife. My dad and mom. All of my family and friends. I thank you for your support.

For all of those who bought and read Howling Moon. Don’t forget to rate and review it. Especially on Amazon.  And Goodreads.

So what’s going on. I’m hard at work on Howling Moon 2. Part of it is already in the hands of beta readers and I’m rewriting the last 4 chapters in hopes of getting it to an editor in the next couple months. This means it is very highly unlikely it will be out this year. Hopefully spring of next. I’m also working on a couple novellas. A steampunk anthology. My Ulysses steampunk trilogy and a little bit of waya (human 76). I am working. So it may be a slow year but lots and lots of stuff are in the works.

Events. Right now I will be at pikeville comiccon and willcon this year. I’m trying to get others lined up and I will let you know as I do. I’m also starting to work on an Etsy store and lots of stuff for that and for upcoming events. I’ll know the week of but I might be at Williamson Winter market in a few weeks. A Bigfoot event in Harlan in a few months. I’m trying to get all of them lined up so I can start advertising them.

A busy year ahead. I hope everyone is well.

Not a Damsel in Distress


The experience of setting up at conventions is still quite new to me.  I’ve been doing it for about a year now, started last fall when I was promoting Human 76.  Though I’ve doing conventions as a fan since 2005, being behind the table is still a anxiety attack waiting to happen.

Last weekend I had advanced copies of Howling Moon at Willcon in Williamson West Virginia and it went well.  I sold quite a few copies of Howling Moon. But it was the first event where I actually had my novel.  And though I had gotten good at describing the plot of the story  I guess I wasn’t prepared really to talk about the book in public.  So I know I had the deer in the headlight look about me each time someone asked me something beyond the plot.

The most asked question about the book was about the lead character, Emily Meyer.  More to the point just about everyone who bought the book asked the same thing.  Was she a helpless character.  Did people have to come to her rescue.  Most of the readers wanted a strong, independent female lead and as one put it, not be a damsel in distress.  From my perspective, as biased as it may be.   That is what Emily is.  She is fiercely independent and certainly not a damsel in distress.  She is a very strong willed character that I hope everyone loves!  I don’t want to spoil it.  And I really hope everyone enjoys the book!!  And obviously I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts as they read the book.


Pre-order links:

Amazon Softcover

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Barnes and Noble

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Geeky Rocking Chairs

So if you’ve been following me on facebook recently or seen me set up at one of the cons i’ve been too, you’ve probably seen the chairs i’ve been making!  I just wanted to do a blog post to spotlight them some!!




Wonder Woman



Little Mermaid


Mickey Mouse



So if you’ve got a chance to stop by at a convention i’m attending, come check out these cool chairs!





Pikeville Comiccon

Last weekend was Pikeville’s very first Comic con!!!  It was a smashing success, okay.  From the view point of a geek from the hills of Eastern Kentucky it was a smashing success.  But I’m guessing it was for others as well.  It was already announced that there will be another next year!  And I’m so looking forward to it!  For all those who were involved in putting it together, Kent Leedy, The Estore, a most heartfelt thank you for the event!  And thanks for having me!

Follow Pikeville Comiccon on facebook, the first place to get news on next years event!


Also, for those who entered to win a free copy of Howling Moon upon it’s release, follow me here or on facebook.  As soon as I have physical copies the drawing will happen and I will announce the winner!!!