The Broken Ones

It has become obvious to me just how much I use music when I’m writing.  I’ve always been this way but over the past few months it has become just as important to me to keep something playing in my ears while I’m writing as any other preparation I do.  So much so when ever I sit down for a writing sprint I have already set a playlist for the sprint.  A lot of the time it gives me the chance to block everything else out, I’m less likely to let outside distractions in while writing. 
For the next few weeks I’ll be posting a music blog every Sunday of a song that I am either currently listening too on a heavy rotation or was a big part of what helped me through all the writing I accomplished in November/December. 
This week’s artist is Dia Frampton who I have listened to for most of the past month and a half on an extreme heavy rotation (of either her solo work or her music with her sister Meg).   And her song “The Broken Ones”!  


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