Five Sentence Fiction – Clandestine

Five Sentence Fiction – Clandestine

He stared at the blank canvas, sweat slivered down his forehead, he gripped the long paintbrush tighter to control the slight tremble in his hand.  Jason glanced past his canvas to Michelle, gloriously naked in the position he suggested.  Though it wasn’t the first time he’d painted the dazzling woman, the lust threatened to take him over now that he knew.  Their meeting over coffee last week left his ears craving the sound of her soft whimsical voice; she was more than just a pretty face.  His heart raced, throat seized as she stood crossing the expanse between them, she placed her lips to his neck with a promising kiss and a smile.

For more Five Sentence Fiction check out Lillie McFerrin’s blog. 

5 thoughts on “Five Sentence Fiction – Clandestine

  1. Loved it! All sorts of interesting things can happen when nakedness and coffee are combined! Seriously, I really enjoyed the scene you've described so well, especially how you mentioned her voice as well as what she looks like. Gives the complete picture, I think.


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