Five Sentence Fiction – Tears

Five Sentence Fiction – Tears
Sean placed his hand on the pocket of his shirt and like each time before it brought a smile to his face knowing it was still there waiting.  His forehead was soaked from the rushed three mile walk, his eyes swollen with unwanted tears as he reached his destination, their spot where they had come so many times before.  He took a seat on the large flat rock over looking a thirty foot drop, the tears no longer waited as he pulled their picture and a necklace from his pocket and whispered, “sorry.”  The sun had crossed from sight as he struck the match and watched as the picture burned between his fingers, a long sad smile on his face.  He looked over the edge of the cliff one last time; he could no longer see the bottom for conquering shadows as he dropped the necklace into the dark…
 For more Five Sentence Fiction, check out Lillie McFerrin’s blog and all the amazing writers who contribute to the prompt.

4 thoughts on “Five Sentence Fiction – Tears

  1. You dear romantic you. Steven, this is lovely. (if I might though, I think there is a typo – did you mean to say wanted or unwanted tears?)

    Very evocative, full of emotion. I loved where you went with this story. So glad you participated this week!


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