Forbidden Love: London in the Skies

Forbidden Love:  London in the Skies
The airship London was a small vessel meant for transportation and minimal occupancy, it had been in her family for generations.  She could hear the hum of the steam engines, the smell of oil hung thick to the air and every breath was near intoxicating.  The floors a seasoned oak, stained with a storied past.  Paintings of times old hung to the walls keeping the secrets of all they had seen.  Aboard this airship was the one place she knew she was always in control and was fully herself.
Short brown hair hung to her shoulders with streaks of purple and red, the goggles with their lime green tint and bronzed casing stuck to her forehead as beads of sweat fled the rubber exterior. The black leather corset clung tightly; white laced long sleeve top exposed her cleavage for the shadows to stare.  Brown fitted pants with matching belt and gun holsters hung to her hips.  White laced ruffles floated around her wrists as she sharpened the surgical knife.
She turned away from the work station; it was the first sound the doctor had made in an hour.  A whimper, knowing all hope was lost.  She pulled the goggles down over her hazel eyes, with her purple eye liner.  She starred contently at the blade for a moment longer.  The second plea for mercy brought her to her feet, the sound of her heavy knee high black boots thundered across the room.  “I love you,” she whispered to his ear.
A sharp smile graced her thick red lips as she placed the tip of the sharp blade to his chest, their eyes met one last time.  Aboard her airship, Jaclyn Ripper was always in control and who she was meant to be.

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9 thoughts on “Forbidden Love: London in the Skies

  1. I love steampunk. The feel of it is just absorbing, drugging in a way. It matches stark brightness and glinting darkness, high tech. and archaic methods. And in this case, love and death. Great match. Great details…working on not drooling.


  2. I really enjoyed that. I think my very favourite was where she gazed contentedly at the knife. That word contented so should not fit, should not be the emotion felt when looking at a knife she's about to use to kill someone but it is SO right. lovely


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