Mid Week Blues Buster 01

A new Flash Fiction challenge over at The Tsuruoka FilesMid Week Blues Buster (clicky to check out all the other entries).  🙂

                Most Valuable Thing
“You are my world.”  Clark glanced across the way at the hospital, the rush of traffic and people going about their day.  In and out they rushed with unknown certainty, family members nearing the end.  Newborns taking their first breaths with a life of love, heartbreak, more ahead of them and it only made the dread build in his stomach and a burning sensation rush through his chest.
He felt her fingernails dig into his wrist.  He glanced down seeing the small dragon tattoo just through the gaps in her fingertips.  Clark smiled as his eyes looked to the tattoo on her wrist, they had gotten them together but hers was of a small willow tree.  “Are you ready?”  His blue eyes now on her green eyes, contacts covering her natural color but he saw past them even though no one else would.  There was no dread in her eyes, no hesitation and at least for a moment it quieted the butterflies in his stomach.
                “Life hasn’t been very kind has it?” he faked his own smile as he looked at her lips, a sharp shade of red begging for a kiss.
                “The weight of the world comes crashing down when you think you’re at your lowest, knocking you down further than you believe possible,” she smiled.  It was not fake, Caroline could never fake a smile.  He had often called it her most beautiful feature over her deadly curves. 
                “You make me a better person.” He never understood it and often thought himself crazy but he loved her.  Loved her for who she was, the good, the bad, and the often times stubborn.
                “Are you ready, sunshine,” Caroline smiled, white teeth displaying her confidence.  He felt her fingers tightly intertwine with his own and he smiled. 
                Clark could feel his life in her touch and he smiled knowing it was everything he wanted in life.  “I have felt your heart beat with my own and I’m not in the least ready for this.”  His smile was lost the moment she pulled her hand free of his and instantly he glanced to the table and the distance between their fingers.  Though minimal he could not bring himself to reach for her touch once again.  He knew the night before could be the last time they’d be together, the woman he had loved from the moment they met.  “I’m not ready to live without you.”
                “We don’t know what the future holds,” Caroline stated with an eerie smile as she stood.  Bag on her shoulder she turned not waiting.  “Maybe a little more happiness and freedom awaits us, babe.” 
                He took a deep breath as he rushed to catch up, pulling the mask from the backpack and gun from the holster as they entered the bank.  Gunshots rang out followed by Caroline’s laughter louder than the screams of the customers.  Clark stepped over the body of the guard, this was her plan and it all happened so fast.  Clark never spoke a word; only Caroline and everyone followed her commands.   She had a way about her, bringing a smile to Clark’s face.  No one could ever say no to her.  And the thought never crossed his mind
                He watched the clerks fill the bags and Caroline as she glanced back with her full smile before he turned taking a moment to look over each hostage on the floor.  Lost in the moment, the sound of approaching sirens broke him from his wonderment. He turned and felt the life rush from him.  Caroline was gone, with the money.  He rushed to the counter, the clerks face down now, he glanced behind him to the police cars outside.  He could see them, as they positioned behind their cars, guns raised and ready. 
                “My darlin.”  He pulled his mask off and tossed it to the floor, it didn’t matter to him anymore.  She was gone, and the most valuable thing she had escaped with was his heart.
(664 Words)

3 thoughts on “Mid Week Blues Buster 01

  1. What a heartbreaking ending. . I thought the two were a Bonnie and Clyde. Beautifully written; her confidence shines through “Are you ready Sunshine?” Love this line. Brilliant take on the prompt and the song matches perfectly. x


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