Hello There


I know it’s been awhile.  So long actually that I forgot to even do an update when I moved my blog over to its new location.  Surprise!  I’m sitting here attempting to finding a way to come up with content to keep this blog active.  I do have some news!  Exciting news!  But in the meantime please be patient, I’m not as familiar with word press as I’d like to be so this will be a learning experience as I go to say the least.

But first I figure I should pose the question on how many people who actually read this would be interested in me posting travel blogs (I figure I can do so many blogs just in around Kentucky, a lot of great locations to visit)?  Or photographs in my journey to be a better photographer.  Or event blogs, because we all know how much I love going to conventions.  Or just in general life blogs.  I know it’s my playground and I should run with it and I probably will do just that.  I just wish I had more writing related blogs to do.  Maybe I will try to get back into flash fiction!  It has been awhile for that as well.

So as for the exciting news.  I have been published in the past in flash fiction anthologies but this is something a little bigger.  I’m part of the Human 76 Anthology which is coming out very soon!  With some very, very talented writers and great people.  There will be more about his coming very soon.  I don’t think you will be disappointed!



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