Human 76 cover revealed

Exciting News!!!

For awhile now I’ve been working on an Anthology with a group of wonderful and very talented people.  Well as of yesterday the cover to said Anthology has been revealed!


And what an amazing cover it is!!!!

The release date has not been revealed yet but just as soon as it does I will let everyone know.  I am sure you will all love this book!!


And to wet your appetites a little….here is a small snippet from my entry in Human 76!


The rope bridge swung violently from side to side with every overly cautious step. Waya grimaced.  His heart roared in his chest, picturing himself plummeting to his death in the foggy cavern below.  He closed his eyes and held his breath until the bridge halted its violent movements.  His stomach churned with each screech and shrill whistle, thinking he was going to vomit. Though it had been over a day since he had a meal, there was nothing in his stomach to lose.  The wind pushed up into his face, blistering his exposed skin.  Biting his lip he looked back the way he came, shifting his body to secure his uncertain position against his fear of heights.  There was little in this world he was truly afraid of, heights and the loss of his family and home.  He could still see the smoke from the ridgeline knowing he had lost his home already.  He knew the origin of the fire; years of hard work gone up in flames.  The howling of his pursuers broke his gaze on the memories floating into the sky.  Emerging from wilderness, they spotted him immediately, their yells echoing louder than the wind.  He focused again, placing one step in front of another and another.  He felt the advance of the first hunter, as the bridge shifted harshly with the presence of another on the flimsy surface.  He chased showing no caution in his pursuit.  Waya smiled.  Waya rushed forward, away from the man, but lost his footing, slipping.  He gritted his teeth, holding tight, not allowing himself a breath until his feet were again secure on the rope.  The man was closer now, Waya positioned himself, waiting.  He felt the knife resting on his lower back, it would be easy to pull it free but he knew the hunters likely avenue of assault as he approached with a clutched blade between his teeth.  When the hunter was close enough he took the knife in one hand holding the rope above them with his other. 


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