Not a Damsel in Distress


The experience of setting up at conventions is still quite new to me.  I’ve been doing it for about a year now, started last fall when I was promoting Human 76.  Though I’ve doing conventions as a fan since 2005, being behind the table is still a anxiety attack waiting to happen.

Last weekend I had advanced copies of Howling Moon at Willcon in Williamson West Virginia and it went well.  I sold quite a few copies of Howling Moon. But it was the first event where I actually had my novel.  And though I had gotten good at describing the plot of the story  I guess I wasn’t prepared really to talk about the book in public.  So I know I had the deer in the headlight look about me each time someone asked me something beyond the plot.

The most asked question about the book was about the lead character, Emily Meyer.  More to the point just about everyone who bought the book asked the same thing.  Was she a helpless character.  Did people have to come to her rescue.  Most of the readers wanted a strong, independent female lead and as one put it, not be a damsel in distress.  From my perspective, as biased as it may be.   That is what Emily is.  She is fiercely independent and certainly not a damsel in distress.  She is a very strong willed character that I hope everyone loves!  I don’t want to spoil it.  And I really hope everyone enjoys the book!!  And obviously I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts as they read the book.


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