Howling Moon

So if you’ve been following me on Facebook for the past month or so you probably heard the news!  I have a book coming out!  The cover has been revealed and everything!!!!!!




“”Emily Meyer’s life is blessed…until a mysterious animal attacks her one night in rural West Virginia.

Now nothing is the same. She can’t eat. She can’t sleep. And her dreams are filled with terrifying nightmares that leave her exhausted and worried she’s losing her mind.
Something is watching her every move. Now she’ll have to fight to survive…and to keep her humanity.””
It comes out September 12th!!!!!!!!

Dirty Goggles Blog Hop: (Steampunk) Revenge Lulllaby

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Revenge Lullaby
Steven Paul Watson
Safe for most, contains violence.

                Edena could still taste the liquor on her lips.  She had been in London three nights, waiting with a single purpose in mind, revenge.  The letter rested inside her jacket pocket.  Still unaware of who sent it, “he is in London” is all it said.  She knew what she wanted, he was a psychopath and she was here to end his life.
                She watched each man as they entered, hoping it would be the one she hunted.  Most men watched her, ogled her breasts made more evident by her corset but none approached even at their drunkest.  Her straight red hair rested on her shoulders while goggles with two different colored lenses covered her green eyes.  The goggles had their purpose; she could monitory each person as they entered.  Noticing any weapons they may have carried, most importantly she could screen body temperatures.  She hunted something more than a psychopath, he was a demon responsible for the death of her young sister.
                The weapon resting in the bag at her feet was just as unique.  She had sought out an engineer many had called insane with his ideas.  There were no other explanations for his talents except he was possessed by evil, many people whispered when she came looking for him.  Edena simply thought V.H. Abraham was a genius.  He claimed to know much of what she hunted and would aide her in any way he could.  She thought he seemed to be in his late sixties but spoke as if he came from another time.  He had showed her how to use it, similar to the military’s Gatling.  Six tubes loaded with three inch long silver spikes.  Abraham assured her it would do exactly what she hoped, aim for the heart and pull the trigger.
                Edena nearly jumped from her seat when he entered; she would have known him without her goggles.  He carried himself different than anyone, an untouchable swagger knowing he was better than any man.  She sat the box on the table in front of her, pulling the crucifix pen from her necklace placing it in a small key hole.  She twisted it around like a dial four turns until she heard the mechanical click inside.   The sound of bells began to ring out a child’s lullaby.  The man set his sights on her the moment he heard the music.  He crossed the room taking a seat across from her and removed his top hat sitting it on the table.  “Madam, do I know you?”
                Edena’s finger circled the top of the box while the other hand remained hidden from sight pulling her weapon from its hiding spot.  Edena gritted her teeth fighting the urge to strike, every muscle in her body tensed with anger.  “You knew my sister.”
                “If she had a face like yours I do not know how I could forget,” his eyes drifted from her lips to her throat finally rested on the soft flesh of her breasts before he found her eyes again.
                “Boston.” The lullaby continued she had to wait just a minute longer for it to end.
                He grinned, careful not expose his teeth.  “Yes, fresh, young and innocent something you’re not.  I remember her now.  I remember how she tasted.  How she screamed.”  He smiled revealing enlarged canines.  She felt her heart bounce up into her throat and he noticed.
                The lullaby ended and the gears in the box clicked opening a small trap door.  He tilted his head focusing on the opening.  The swarm of small mechanical mosquito’s emerged.  Abraham had promised her the small insect like mechanisms would be attracted to his decaying flesh.  The demon jolted swatting at them, each one causing marvelous blue flames on impact.
                Edena stood, knocking her own chair over in the process, pulling the trigger swiftly and repeatedly.  The first shot struck his shoulder.  The second and third shot missed.  The fourth and fifth connected but in nonfatal hits.  He titled releasing a shrill horrifying scream, ignoring the insects, exposing his teeth and intent as she shot her final shot.  Flames and ash replaced his flesh and she smiled.  She had her revenge.

(693 Words)

(Don’t own the image, found it on pininterest)
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