Human 76!

Sorry for the delay!

Human 76 has been released.  I can’t really describe how amazing the experience of working on this anthology has been.  Everyone involved is just so amazing.  Really didn’t want to use the word again but I really no other way to describe my experience with working on this book.  From the other writers,  the editors, just the entire Human 76 community.  You are all amazing!!!!



I know I’m a couple weeks behind with this post but here are some of the places you can find Human 76!!!

Lulu Paperback

Lulu Ebook

Amazon Paperback

Barnes and Noble Paperback and Nook edition


And on top everything the book is also on Goodreads!!!  If you have an account go mark yourself as interested!!  And if you read the book, give us a review!  Nothing helps authors out more than reviewing the book!


Human 76 on Goodreads!




Human 76 Release Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the day, Human 76 is being released.  June 17 2016!!  So excited, I really hope everyone enjoys the book.  A lot of very talented people put time and energy into making this book so amazing.


Thought I would pass along a couple links this evening in preparation for tomorrow’s release.  For starters, Human 76 has its very own facebook page.  So you can keep up with everything happening in Gharbrie’s world.

Human 76 Facebook page

The second link, for all of those who may be curious to know how this book came to be.  No one better to let you know about that than one of the people who envisioned the story, Lisa Shambrook.

Human 76 – Ghabrie is on her way…



Human 76 cover revealed

Exciting News!!!

For awhile now I’ve been working on an Anthology with a group of wonderful and very talented people.  Well as of yesterday the cover to said Anthology has been revealed!


And what an amazing cover it is!!!!

The release date has not been revealed yet but just as soon as it does I will let everyone know.  I am sure you will all love this book!!


And to wet your appetites a little….here is a small snippet from my entry in Human 76!


The rope bridge swung violently from side to side with every overly cautious step. Waya grimaced.  His heart roared in his chest, picturing himself plummeting to his death in the foggy cavern below.  He closed his eyes and held his breath until the bridge halted its violent movements.  His stomach churned with each screech and shrill whistle, thinking he was going to vomit. Though it had been over a day since he had a meal, there was nothing in his stomach to lose.  The wind pushed up into his face, blistering his exposed skin.  Biting his lip he looked back the way he came, shifting his body to secure his uncertain position against his fear of heights.  There was little in this world he was truly afraid of, heights and the loss of his family and home.  He could still see the smoke from the ridgeline knowing he had lost his home already.  He knew the origin of the fire; years of hard work gone up in flames.  The howling of his pursuers broke his gaze on the memories floating into the sky.  Emerging from wilderness, they spotted him immediately, their yells echoing louder than the wind.  He focused again, placing one step in front of another and another.  He felt the advance of the first hunter, as the bridge shifted harshly with the presence of another on the flimsy surface.  He chased showing no caution in his pursuit.  Waya smiled.  Waya rushed forward, away from the man, but lost his footing, slipping.  He gritted his teeth, holding tight, not allowing himself a breath until his feet were again secure on the rope.  The man was closer now, Waya positioned himself, waiting.  He felt the knife resting on his lower back, it would be easy to pull it free but he knew the hunters likely avenue of assault as he approached with a clutched blade between his teeth.  When the hunter was close enough he took the knife in one hand holding the rope above them with his other. 

Hello There


I know it’s been awhile.  So long actually that I forgot to even do an update when I moved my blog over to its new location.  Surprise!  I’m sitting here attempting to finding a way to come up with content to keep this blog active.  I do have some news!  Exciting news!  But in the meantime please be patient, I’m not as familiar with word press as I’d like to be so this will be a learning experience as I go to say the least.

But first I figure I should pose the question on how many people who actually read this would be interested in me posting travel blogs (I figure I can do so many blogs just in around Kentucky, a lot of great locations to visit)?  Or photographs in my journey to be a better photographer.  Or event blogs, because we all know how much I love going to conventions.  Or just in general life blogs.  I know it’s my playground and I should run with it and I probably will do just that.  I just wish I had more writing related blogs to do.  Maybe I will try to get back into flash fiction!  It has been awhile for that as well.

So as for the exciting news.  I have been published in the past in flash fiction anthologies but this is something a little bigger.  I’m part of the Human 76 Anthology which is coming out very soon!  With some very, very talented writers and great people.  There will be more about his coming very soon.  I don’t think you will be disappointed!


The Black House

My submission to 

Mid-Week Blues-Buster Week 2.29

          The Black House
Cecilia paused in the doorway, taking a deep breath before stepping further into the kitchen.  It had been three years since she’d seen the house.  Three years of self-discovery, eight tattoos, a Mohawk and countless hair colors along the way to discover who she was.  She had done everything to escape this house.  She didn’t want to come back, not when everything seemed so right.  For the first time in her life…she was happy.  Cecilia didn’t think there was anything for her here.  The phone call made her realize how wrong she was.  There was something she had never been able to leave behind.  Her mom’s news would have been something to cheer about if she was someone else.  If it had been someone else’s family but not her own.
Dark cobwebs clung to every surface, everything looked so unclean and old.  Had she really been gone so long?  It left a bitterness on her tongue, Cecilia glanced to the large bottle in her hand before taking a large drink of the moonshine washing away the disgust.  She coughed immediately as the bottle retreated from her lips.  Her chest burned from the strong liquor.  A few more steps through the kitchen to the living room, the floorboards screeched with each step.  It was a mixture of preaching and scalding, telling her she was nothing more than trash.  She’d heard it all before in one tone or the other.
Every corner had a story, twenty years’ worth of her own living nightmares.  She was less than human to him, only because she was born wrong in his eyes.  He was supposed to be her biggest fan, biggest protector but he was the monster she feared in the dark.  Taking another drink she started the trek up the stairway, most of the steps were loose now.  Rails were missing from the banister as she reached the top, she remembered being pushed through them not too many years before she left.  The fall hurt but less than the beating she had taken afterwards, all because of the piercing in her nose.  How impure and evil he said it made her.  Each inch of the old house reminded her of a scar on her body.
Her hands trembled approaching her bedroom again.  It was at times her only sanctuary.  She’d push the chair against the door, he couldn’t budge it from there.  It would give her hours to escape into her world of knights and brave warriors of both sexes.  But sooner or later she would have to leave and he would always be waiting.
It made her sick.  Cecilia thought about her mom’s mumbled words over the phone, “I’m pregnant.”  She had hung up right after, knowing she was going to have to come back.  There was no hesitation.  Four hours on the road gave her a lot of time to think of what she was going to say.  How was she going to convince her mom to leave?  To get away from him, even though it never worked before.  The closer she got, the more upset and nervous it made her.  Three years and not a word spoken between them.  What would she say to the man who tortured her for so many years?  Left her broken and scared. 
She lowered herself to one knee picking up the knife with her blood soaked hand.  His limp frame in the corner of her sanctuary.  She muttered still seeing her actions in her mind, “No more scars.”  

3VisD #1

*waves*  Hello out there… I know it has been awhile, but i’m still out here.  Work has been keeping me really busy and i’ve found it hard to find time to do any flash fiction challenges.  Or maybe I was blocked for awhile there and I used work as an excuse.  Either way, here I am.  It’s also NaNoWrimo and I wish everyone who is participating the best of luck!  You can do it!

Go over to Anonymous Legacy to see the other entries to this weeks 3VisD!!  I started to work this into my nanowrimo…but instead, decided to do something different.  Which would have been easy, because these were easy images to write too!  I didn’t include all three though.  Enjoy!

                He saw his reflection in the water, it was regal his mother would say.  His brown eyes were those of peace and love.  His mother was a rare sight to him but he always knew when she was there.  The flowers themselves would shine brighter with the happiness she radiated.
                “My prince.”  He turned to look at them, he could never see their faces for their hoods and he wondered if he could see into those shadows what would he see.  They spoke with an accent he had never heard and he had traveled all of the free lands from the borders of the elven forest to the valleys of trolls.  “The sun and the moons are nearly one,” he turned looking to the purple skies; the two moons were close to the sun closing in from each direction.  He had never witnessed such an event and his father said it was something only to occur every thousand years. 
                “Will this hurt?”  He knew he sounded weak and his father would not approve.
“Only for a moment.”  He could never tell which of the three spoke.
                “Thank you.”  He turned taking a deep breath lowering into the water, it felt more than hot, on the edge of boiling.  He stood, the water washing over his long hair and through his thick beard.  He glared upward as the dagger pierced his skull and he realized the priest lied as he screamed out in agony.  Felt as if his soul was being ripped from his body.  He turned, his vision went dark but he could still see.  He looked again to his reflection, gone was the handsome young man.  Looking back at him now was the bringer of death to the lands he once called home.

Mid Week Blues Buster #24

So after a long absence from flash fiction…  I’m back, if just for one week.  I kinda cheated…I wrote most of this entry for a previous Mid Week Blues Buster that I never posted…  Lucky I think it worked for this weeks too.  🙂  Hope you enjoy.  (Click here, to visit and read all of the other entries into this weeks Mid Week Blues Buster).             
                  The cabin was miles away from the nearest neighbor, just the way Derrick liked it.  It was his place to escape the hassle of being the county sheriff.  He tossed small logs onto the fire; it was the only source of heat to fight the cold night’s air.  He could hear the storm grow fiercer outside on the tin rooftop.  The loud crack of thunder sent chills up his back, the storm had set in and it would be hours before it broke.  The knock came as loud as the thunder.  He crossed the small distance to the door taking the pistol from the small table by the door and putting it in the back of his jeans.  He cracked the door open enough to see his visitor before opening it further but there was no room for anyone to squeeze past him.  “I’m not letting you in here, Devon.”
                “Come on, sugah,” her smile was wicked and cut sharper than any knife.  “It’s raining and I’m soaked.”
                “I can see that,” the sun dress hung to every curve, “doesn’t mean I have to let you in here again.”

                She ran a finger across her lips; eyes shifted out to the pouring rain and then back to Derrick.  Of course he was going to let her in.  He shifted from the door allowing her to pass.  She never stopped until she reached the warmth of the hearth.  He placed his pistol back inside the chest with his badge.

                “I’ll get you a towel.” 

                “Making a mistake Derrick, her husband finds her here again he isn’t so stupid to believe some fairytale this time.”  He grabbed the towel from the shelf before heading back into the living room, he saw her dress laid out across the counter and his heart beat faster.  She was trouble.  He came into the room expecting to see her naked but instead she sat on a blanket by the fire wearing one of his oversized shirts.

                “I hope you don’t mind,” she smiled. 

                “I do,” he replied.  “I told you last time, no more.”

                “Please,” she stood crossing the small expanse between them, her hand resting on his stomach.  “We both know you didn’t mean it.”

                “You’re making a fool out of a lot of people,” Derrick stated watching her bite on her lower lip. 

                “You’re no fool,” he ran his hand down the side of her face seeing the small reminder of a bruise on her cheek healed weeks past.  “I’m not asking you to be my hero.”  He smiled.  She replied with a smile of her own.  Her smile was the definition of wicked, enough to bring any many to his knees.

                “You need to leave,” he started to pull away but found himself falling into the couch.  She positioned herself on his lap and he looked away avoiding eyes contact.

                “No one knows I am here,” she replied.  “This cabin in the woods, it is such a perfect place to escape from the rest of the world.  I understand why you love it here.”  He felt his heart race as he looked into her eyes.
                “You are trouble.”

                “Mama always said it shoulda been my middle name.”  She leaned in for a kiss and Derrick obliged, her lips tasted of cherry chapstick.  He shifted her weight standing and carrying her across the room softly laying her down on the floor in front of the fireplace.  He brushed the red hair from her face feeling her legs wrap tightly around his waist as she smiled. 

                “Your husband catches you here…”

                “You don’t have any worries when it comes to my husband, baby,” she smiled leaning up for another kiss.

                Derrick leaned up removing his shirt throwing it to the floor.  It was then he saw the flashing lights as they danced through the curtains, blue lights waltzed into the cabin grabbing every shadow as he looked down at her.  “What did you do?”

                She smirked.  There was a confidence hidden in her devilish eyes and he knew now why she had come to him.